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About us

Nowadays the companies are tired to make repeated calls to the companies of Transport about the state of their load: if it left the ship, in what date arrives, how the load was consolidated, if were fulfilled the dates of customs, etc.

P&Q International Consulting is an Consultant in the International Logistic which born to advise to companies for export/import its merchandises with competitive prices and Services of Quality.

P&Q dedicates itself to advice those importers and exporters that need to find an international transport that fulfill three basic requirements:

Competitive costs, quality services and time efficiency.

It is named P&Q, identifying both main issues our customers seek to satisfy: price and quality.

Our advantage is introducing each client with the proper forwarder, according to the place where the order must be received/sent to. In this way, you won’t need to contact all forwarders to negotiate an agreement. In P&Q we will deal directly with that and present you with the most suitable propositions.

In P&Q International Consulting you can trust your International Logistic. During our trajectory we evaluated different Shipping companies, Aerial Companies, Terrestrial, Co-loaders, Agent Customs and representatives of important Government warehouses and we selected those that whose commitment and seriousness in the work allow us to offer you a safe service.

Our Idea is that you could arrange any negotiation with your prospect, without thinking in the transportation costs, because we are going to give you the better ones. So in a negotiation with your client, you won´t be outside the business because of costs, you will have the necessary flexibility to display to your client variety of alternatives depending transit time, routing and type of service.

We will give you scales of prices so that if a client asks you for economic transport, then you count with this option.

Our idea is to be able to facilitate your businesses, so you can leave the 100% of the International Logistic issues in our hands, that is our specialty.

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Lic. Carmen Pearson Director (CEO)

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